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Vuelven el 20 de Noviembre.

Talcum Dj Session
Sábado 20 de noviembre 2010
Talcum DJs + Invitados por confirmar
EL CAMERINO del Hombre Moderno
Pez, 2 Madrid
Metro Callao
17:30 – 21:30 hrs / Entrada gratis

Greenvillage dj’s(Ismael García, David de Santiago, Marcos Rodriguez y Álvaro de Diego) + Eduardo Domingo (Barcelona)
Kathmandú Club
Señores de Luzón, 3 Madrid
Metro Ópera
00:00 – 6:00 hrs

Soul Up North. A brief history…

Sin ánimo de ofender os dejamos con una breve presentación de una de las publicaciones de soul más longevas en formato papel que sobreviven en estos tiempos de las redes sociales tan estupendas.
Su lectura es compatible con una vida familiar ordenada , la no asistencia a eventos endogámicos de super soulies, y sus editores no conceden medallas ni condecoraciones, completamente inocuo, aunque si a alguien le molesta quemamos todos sus números en una gran hoguera, todo menos herir susceptibilidades.


 A brief history by Howard Earnshaw – Editor


It was back in 1990, when after a sabbatical from Northern Soul all nighters (due to the birth of my daughter and her formative years) I decided that I’d get back on the ‘nighter trail’.  It was at one of my first revisits to the ‘all nighter’ side of the Northern Scene (I was still attending local soul nights around Halifax, Wakefield, Barnsley etc) that I met for the first time, Dave Rimmer, I think it was an all nighter at Knutsford Town Hall, where he was selling copies of his fanzine – Soulful Kinda Music – and we spoke at length about my thoughts on producing a fanzine of my own. Well to cut a long story short Dave’s enthusiastic pep talk convinced me to give it a go!! 

The first issue of Soul Up North was produced around fifteen years ago and featured articles on Dave Godin’s ‘Soul City’ & ‘Deep Soul’ labels. Also Gamble & Huff’s Neptune label and a nice feature written by Burnley soul collector/DJ/Promoter Pat Allen about going to the USA on record buying trips.
It was a thin affair (as most fledgling fanzines are), but fairly priced at £1.00 a copy!  Copies of this are very hard to come by as only a hundred or so were produced at that time!!! If you’d like a brief rundown what was to be found within the pages of the first twenty five issues then check out Dave Rimmer’s excellent website Soulful Kinda Music where he has chronicled the issue’s main articles. 
Although I attempted to produce 4 issues a year, during those first few years the schedule was fairly hit and miss, but as more fans became aware of the magazine, more people began to contribute and the page count and articles increased. (as well as my efforts to produce the fanzine on a more regular basis!) One of the Top all nighter DJ’s of the time ‘Saus’ approached me and asked if he could come on board  and help get in new articles, he also had several ideas to improve and increase the circulation.  I willingly accepted his offer and Saus became the first co-editor of the fanzine, not long after that the late ‘Little John’ also joined the ‘team’.  As the years progressed the fanzine continued to expand, with more pages and a little advertising to compensate, the price increased to two whole pounds!!!
Another approach, this time Leicester collector and enthusiast Mark Hanson, said he was keen to help in any way.  It was during Mark’s time as 3rd co-editor that we saw the sad passing of Little John – who will always be well remembered by Soul Up North and it’s readers. Again as the years rolled by, Saus became less involved with the soul scene and decided that he could no longer provide time to continue as co-editor. So regretfully he stood down, and I, with Mr Hanson’s help continued to push the fanzine forward.
By this time we had a solid group of regular contributors who I openly thank on this page for the success of the fanzine. (see end of this preamble for list) We also had, due to my perseverance and good fortune found several other interesting ‘soul people’ who we  coerced into writing pieces for the fanzine.
So onto the most recent times!!! Mark Hanson decided that he would like to concentrate on his other interests, scootering and web page production, so we amicably parted the ways. I realised that I couldn’t continue to improve and produce the fanzine on my own so it was fortunate that around the time Mark became less involved with the fanzine that I asked Colin Wood and his partner (in crime!!), now wife, Shirley Wood, a couple with whom I had become good friends, if they would join me in helping to produce the fanzine. I believe this was another pivotal moment in the history of the fanzine, Colin & Shirley are not only an enthusiastic pair of soul people who genuinely care about the music they love, but have provided real co-editing support.
When the fanzine was approaching issue 50 we decided that in order to fit in the many articles that were now being sent, and also the increasing number of adverts we were being asked to put in, that the page count really needed to be fifty pages.  It was with this issue that I feel the fanzine came of age – it also allowed us to print ‘larger’ articles in their entirety and expanded the fanzine’s coverage of other facets of the soul scene, without losing the Northern Soul focus that drives the whole thing along!
Colin is the man behind this website, which hopefully will continue to grow and we’ll feature earlier articles as a taster to you who haven’t read the fanzine (yet).  But I can assure everyone that the three of us are committed to producing those ‘real pages’ and a fanzine you can actually hold in your hand!!
I hope this has sparked an interest in those of you who haven’t read a copy of the fanzine yet!!
Here’s a list of some of the contributors down the years – in no particular order!! – (if you’ve contributed and are not on the list – sorry, email me to let me know and I’ll update the list as we go on!!!).
Dave Halsall, Shane Cox, Howard Priestley, Shirley Wood, Craig Butler, Ted ‘n’ Linda, Mark Hanson, Saus, Little John, Mike Finbow, Sean O’Connor, Steve Plumb, Mark Randal, Wayne Hudson, Ed Salaman, SJ Dibai, Pat Allen, Mick Patrick, Paul Mooney, Jeff Lemlich, Cookie, Angelo Alexander, Gary Welsh, Kym Fuller, Marva Holiday, Val & Dave Box, Stuart Drake, Mark Freeman, Pete Burns, Simon White, David Nathan, Mick Howard, Alison Nightingale, Richard Smith, Peter Richmond,  JC Orritt, Alan Coney, Derek Everett, Chalky, Carmen McCullough, Neil Rushton, Joe Dutton,  Dave Moore, Andreas Knauf, Steve Guarani, Martin Byrd, Rubin Molina, Colin Dilnot, Rob Moss, Andy Dyson, John Ciba, Steve Copeman, Liam Quinn, Brian Neville, Don Charles, Les & Brenda Rushton, Harold Young, Daryl Scott, Denis Poole, Jenni Stalmach, Bill Harry, John Wilkinson, Tony Warot.. and many more!!!!!!
Once again many thanks to all our contributors and especially our readers, without you this would not be possible so keep on reading.