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After being invited to do an article for the Corner Soul Crew, I spoke to Josep, who was looking to document all the previously unissued tracks that saw a 45 release on the Grapevine 2000 label. So I thought ‘why not kill two birds with one stone’ and make my first article about those previously unissued tracks!

I’m going to concentrate on the previously unissued tracks PLUS the tracks that had never previously appeared on 45 until they were issued by Grapevine 2000. I’ll finish with a full label listing of all sixty three 45’s including various bits of information for each release (e.g. original label & label number etc)

The SIXTY THREE 45’s released by the label between the years 2000 to 2006 are of such a consistently high quality that it’s collectability as a label in the future is virtually guaranteed! A large percentage of the releases featured previously unissued Northern Soul/70’s Soul/Crossover dancers from the 60’s & 70’s PLUS album tracks that were released for the first time ever on 45 PLUS US Northern Soul/70’s Soul/Crossover 45’s released in the UK for the first time! In fact a large number of ‘Holy Grail’ 45’s were included in the release schedule over the 6 years of the labels existence! For the majority of the world’s Northern Soul/70’s Soul/Crossover Soul collectors, the Grapevine 2000 45 will often be the only way to legally own that particular track on a 45! The label is now sadly defunct and the availability of each release will decrease as time goes by.

Before we get into the previously unissued tracks I think it’s important to talk about the type of 45’s Grapevine 2000 issued! Like many labels they made Test Pressings, DJ copies and normal Issue copies.

Test pressings


Test Pressings exist for the first 13 releases (#100 to #112) and for some unknown reason #153? Releases #100 to #104 are blank/white labels whilst #105 to #112 (& #153) have custom made printed  labels (see scan). Some of these exist as blank labels too!

Only 20 copies of each Test Pressing was made.

DJ copies

DJ copies exist for ALL 63 releases.

#100 to #104 are White Demos with a Black ‘A’ on both sides & a pale Green ‘boxed’ logo (see scans)

#105 to #162 are White Demos with a Red/White logo.

There are three design variations of the Red & White DJ Copies (see scans

Red ‘A’ on both sides (#105 to #148 & #155 to #157)

NO Red ‘A’ on either side (#149 to #154)

Red ‘A’ on one side only (#158 to #162)

Only 50 copies of each Demo/DJ copy was made.

Issue copies

Issue copies exist for 61 of the 63 releases
#132 & #155 are DJ copies only as their release was cancelled! No issue copies exist!
#100 to #104 have a solid ‘pale’ green label with black text logo & #105 to #162 have a solid yellow label with a red/white logo (see scans)

Only 500 copies of each Issue was made.

The label did issue some ‘custom made’ acetates and CD-R’s for some of the top DJ’s and in fact some DJ’s actually cut carvers from the CD-R’s for their own use!

Previously unissued tracks plus tracks appearing on 45 for the first time

As promised, here’s the main reason for the article! I hope it will give collectors (& DJ’s) a chance to see which tracks were previously unissued PLUS it’s also a chance to see which LP only (and CD only!) tracks gained a 45 release for the very first time too!

I’ll give some basic info for each track followed by a brief description of the track from my point of view! Where I have been given a few extra facts about a particular track (from insiders at Grapevine 2000) I’ll throw those in for good measure too!

There will be a URL after each description to allow you to listen to each track PLUS a scan of each label too!

G2K 45-102b RON HENDERSON & CHOICE OF COLOR – Love is gone

USA LP track only – 1st time ever on a 45

Taken from their incredibly rare ‘Soul Junction’ LP on Chelsea 542 from 1976. This is a quality mid-tempo 70’s dancer.

Click HERE lo listen

G2K 45-103a            BOBBY WAYNE – Long hard road
G2K 45-103b            BOBBY WAYNE – Do I love you

USA CD only – 1st time ever on a 45

Both tracks taken from his ‘Long hard road’ CD on Bonedog Records from 1999. ‘Do I Love you’ is of course a version of Frank Wilson’s Northern Soul/Motown classic which is set at the same pace and is worth a listen? The real gem however is ‘Long hard road’ which is for lovers of Indie/Southern Soul! It is a tasty mid-tempo mover and is another one that’s well worth a listen!

Long hard road Do I love you

G2K 45-104a                       MAGNETICS – The look on your face (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-104b                       MAGNETICS – You were made for love (UNRELEASED)

Both sides of this 45 are the same two songs as James Phelps on Apache! Their version of ‘The look on your face’ joins the many great versions that have been played on the Crossover scene over the years. John Anderson received a tape directly from Johnny McKinney in Chicago and gave it to Richard Searling who played it for many years covered up as ‘Wales Wallace’. The B side is an excellent Deep Soul cut too!

The look on your face You were made for love

G2K 45-105b                       TRUE IMAGE – I’m not over you (Extended version)

Extended over in the UK by Paul Mooney and of course exclusive to the UK release.

G2K 45-106a            TAVASCO – Love is trying to get a hold on me (Radio edit)

Edited over in the in the UK by Paul Mooney and of course exclusive to the UK release. It is actually quite useful as the original is a very long record and it’s cut short here and it is quite a good job too! That good they made it the A side!

I’m not over you Love is trying to get a hold on me

G2K 45-113b                       SEX – It’s you, baby it’s you (Extended version)

Extended over in the UK by Paul Mooney and of course exclusive to the UK release.

G2K 45-117b                        SANDRA WRIGHT – A man can’t be a man (without a woman)

UK LP track only – 1st time ever on a 45

Taken from her highly acclaimed and originally unreleased album ‘Wounded Woman’ from 1975 which eventually saw the light of day as an LP (& CD) on Demon in 1985. This is a quality mid-tempo 70’s dancer and yet another fine version of this great song. By the way, if you haven’t got the LP, there are a whole host of brilliant Soul records on there. The Demon LP is tough to find (and the CD even tougher!) BUT it was re-released a couple of years ago by Soulscape Records on CD (SSCD 7007) and is still available.

It’s you, baby it’s you A man can’t be a man

G2K 45-121b                       THE SPRINGERS – I can’t believe (UNRELEASED)

Tucked away on the B side of ‘Nothing’s too good for my baby’ this is an excellent 60’s finger-snapping dancer. Quite sparse but a neat sound nonetheless! The track was supplied to Grapevine from Philadelphia’s Thaddeus Wale, who has now given up the record business and now works for the US Government!

G2K 45-127a C. P. LOVE – Trick Bag (UNRELEASED)

Another great unreleased 60’s Northern Soul/R&B dancer. This is the same song as ‘The Excuses’ rarity on Vivace! One to come back and surprise people in years to come methinks? Garry Cape brought this to the table via his friendship with the producer of the track, Tim Whitsett.

I can\’t believe TrickBag



To be continued..