G2K 45-134a                       THE CHESTERFIELDS – Think it over (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-134b                       M. R. S. BAND – Why did you leave me baby (UNRELEASED)

A legendary unreleased Northern Soul dancer from the Chesterfields using the same backing track as ‘Yvonne Baker – You didn’t say a word’ This was an exclusive acetate played covered up by Butch for many years, before it finally got a release on Grapevine 2000. The B side ‘Why did you leave me baby’ is a pounding Northern instrumental from the Harthon vaults! Not sure what this is the backing track to?



Think it over

Why did you leave



G2K 45-136a                       SERVICEMEN – I’ll stop loving you (UNRELEASED)

This is a great 60’s group Northern dancer that is well worth a spin again? Various contacts in Phoenix, Arizona conspired to get this one to the Grapevine team!

I’ll stop loving you





G2K 45-137a                       TOMMY TATE – Do you think there’s a chance

G2K 45-137b                       TOMMY TATE – If you got to love somebody

Two killer tracks from Tommy Tate seeing releases on 45 for the 1st time ever!

‘Do you think there’s a chance’ is taken from his rare ‘Hold on’ Japanese-only LP on Malaco/Vivid Sound 1017 from 1979. This is a brilliant mid-tempo 70’s dancer that is as catchy as hell with a hands-in-the-air feel to it! Backed with the sublime anthemic ‘If you got to love somebody’ which is the version found on his ‘Soul Revelations’ Japanese-only CD on P-Vine 22008 from 1996 and is a different (and better in my opinion) version than that of the ultra rare Ko Ko 726 demo-only 45 from 1977. With the always excellent vocals of Mr Tommy Tate this is a brilliant value for money 45!. We can thank Garry Cape once again for this, as we can all the Malaco related stuff that came out on Grapevine 2000!

Do you think there’s a chance

If you got to love somebody



G2K 45-138a                       EDDIE HOLMAN – Hold me in your arms (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-138b                       M. R. S. BAND – Diggin’ It (UNRELEASED)

The first of THREE unreleased Eddie Holman tracks to get a release on Grapevine 2000. ‘Hold me in your arms’ is a neat 60’s Philly Northern Soul dancer! The instrumental ‘Diggin’ It’ is another Northern dancer which sounds familiar. Was there ever a vocal to this?

Hold me



G2K 45-140a                       SYL JOHNSON – All I need is someone like you

Japanese LP track only 1st time ever on a 45

Taken from his rare Japanese-only ‘Goodie Goodie Good Times’ LP on Shama/P-Vine 9009 from 1979. This is a monster previously unissued late 60’s Crossover dancer which uses the same backing track as ‘Nate Evans – Mainsqueeze – Twinight’. This is better I reckon! It’s interesting to note that the female vocalist on here is Syl’s ex-wife, Barbara Thompson, who went on to be Chief of Police in Chicago!

All I need is someone like you



G2K 45-145b                       LOVELITES – I’m not like the others (UNRELEASED)

Light and lovely femme Chicago crossover which was previously unissued and from the same sessions as their rare late 60’s LP ‘With love from the Lovelites’ on UNI. The track was included in the CD reissue of the LP some years ago but this is the first ever release on 45!

I’m not like the others





G2K 45-146a                       THE VINES – After the rain (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-146b                       THE VINES – So it be (UNRELEASED)

Two previously unreleased femme 60’s Northern Soul dancers! ‘After the rain’ sounds like it uses the same backing track as Minnie Jones’ Shadow of a memory? Whilst ‘So it be’ is more of a mid tempo dancer!


After the rain

So it be



G2K 45-147a                       JOHNNY MOORE – Yesterday today and tomorrow (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-147b                       JOHNNY MOORE – Come Fly With Me (UNRELEASED)

‘Yesterday today and tomorrow’ became widely known in the 80’s and 90’s through Richard Searling who played it for many years from the original acetate. It eventually saw a release on 45 in 2004. Sounding like a perfect mixture of  L. J. Reynolds’ ‘Key to the world’ AND Al James’ ‘Give it up turn it loose’ this is another one that could do with playing again. Beautiful record! ‘Come Fly With Me’ is a rather good 70’s dancer but pales against the wonderful top side!

Yesterday today

Come Fly With Me



G2K 45-150a                       EDDIE HOLMAN – She’s wanted (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-150b                       M. R. S. BAND – Sunset on Ridge (UNRELEASED)

This is Eddie’s unreleased version of the Larry Clinton Northern Soul monster rarity ‘She’s wanted in Three States’. I believe it is the original demo of the song too?

She’s wanted

Sunset on Ridge



G2K 45-151a            JERRY WILLIAMS – When You Move, You Lose (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-151b            JERRY WILLIAMS – That’s The Groove (UNRELEASED)

Unissued mid 60’s Northern Soul dancer from this legendary artist with the instrumental version on the B side. The track came about when Jerry Williams sent a tape to Garry after dealing with him on the release of the Ruby Andrews’ CD of her Zodiac sides (JW had recently acquired the rights to Zodiac)

When You Move

That\’s The Groove


G2K 45-152ba         DOTTIE PEARSON – A House Made Of Love (UNRELEASED)
G2K 45-152ab         DOTTIE PEARSON – Bring It Over Baby (UNRELEASED)

Two tracks from a superb unissued mid 70’s album that was finally given a CD release on Grapevine 2000. ‘Bring It Over Baby’ is a total classic in every sense. Released in 2004, this must be Grapevine 2000’s finest hour? Still played regularly up and down the country at all the best 70’s venues and adds a touch of class to any set – simply stunning mid-tempo Soul Music. ‘A House Made Of Love’ was the one the G2K boys went with at the time and is so damn good that it sits just as well on a Northern Soul dance floor as that of a 70’s Crossover persuasion. Brilliant double-sider! I think we should all be grateful to John Anderson for the day he visited Wayne Jernigan in Charlotte, North Carolina and came out with Dottie’s unissued album!


A House Made Of Love

Bring It Over Baby



G2K 45-153a                       ANITA ROBBINS – I can stand a little bit more (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-153b                       CHUCK BROOKS – Last minute plans (UNRELEASED)

‘I can stand a little bit more’ is a storming early 70’s unreleased Northern Soul dancer out of the Malaco set up. Great track! Anita also recorded as Anita Mitchell in the 1970’s. ‘Last minute plans’ is another unreleased Malaco track from 1999 (but sounds much earlier!) and was originally included on their fabulous CD ‘America’s Most Wanted’ then leaked out onto 45 a few months later. I still believe this is largely unknown and is a beautiful mid tempo soulful swayer. Maybe more for an early doors set but it could get some serious head-nodding action should it be dropped later in a set! Chuck Brooks apparently wrote the song with Johnnie Taylor in mind but unfortunately Johnnie died soon after, so had he lived he may well have done so? By the way, the ‘Malaco inspired’ set of America’s Most Wanted CD’s are another of the Grapevine 2000 highlights!

I can stand a little

Last minute plans



G2K 45-155a                       BARONS OF SOUL – You Need Love (UNRELEASED)

Top quality unissued 60’s Northern Soul monster dancer! Cut from an original acetate and now exists as a UK Demo ONLY as the official release was pulled at the last minute as the guys couldn’t enhance the sound quality to their exacting standards. The sound quality doesn’t sound too bad to me to be honest and the quality of the tune itself makes owning this 45 more than worthwhile! This will become a highly sought after 45 in the future as DJ’s realise it’s potential.

You Need Love

to be continued…