Próxima parada con uno de los mejores carteles que podríamos esperar.  Y  es que viajar para oir algunos de los más grandes dj’s  sigue importando.

Jordi and David Ripolles have been involved with the UK soul scene since the late ’70’s, starting out going to Northern Soul clubs like Wigan Casino, Cleethorpes Winter gardens, Rudies in Scarborough, Birmingham Locarno and many others. The …y have been keen collectors of vinyl of all kinds of soul genres from 60’s Northern, 70’s crossover, contemporary soul tunes, funky 45’s, soulful 12″, mellow 80’s two steppers etc. They have been DJ’ing on and off for the last 15 years or so, all over the UK, and more recently in Europe, at soul nights, all nighters and weekenders and have gained respected reputations for playing something a little bit different to the usual. Their sets will generally contain a mix of styles and tempos from 60’s stone soul killers through to deadly 70’s crossover dancers, with a smattering of jazz and Latin, and a healthy dollop of obscure funky modern soul in between. Cheap underplayed vinyl will sit side by side with ulta rare tunes and there will always be something for connoisseurs, chin strokers, and dancers alike. current plays and some of the music that you may hear on the 5th of February includes:


1. Sweet Pearl-you mean everything to me (leopard head)
2. The Scott Three-Runnin’ Wild (ain’t gonna help you) (march)
3. The Delshan and Love Children-Angela Baby (jachelle)
4. Harvey Scales and the 7 Seas-Trying to survive (magic touch)
5. Anubis-Ecology (Salt City)
6. Cosmos Universal Band–Third Eye (API atteiram)
7. Chuck Colbert and Viewpoint-Stay (Caillier)
8. Gold-what about the Child (MRC)
9. Nobody’s Children-Shadarp (Toeholt)
10. Fred Williams Capt Boo and the Funky Space Cadets-Ever Good Lovin (Rock and Reggae)


1.chuck Stephens – paying for your love (Leo Mini)
2.small society-if you stand by me (cadde)
3.Ralph Weeks-let me do my thing (Sally Ruth)
4. joey Irving- there’s a man (baltic)
5. Sheepherders – if ever you need me (sounds international)
6. Joe Medwick- whatever it takes (west park)
7. Luv N’ Haight – one night love affair (AMR)
8. Black Earth plus – how can you say you love me (Third world experience)
9. Leon Antoine-I Love you for this reason (Goldway)
10. BBP – I’m in the prime of love (Stang)