An Annual Gathering of Dancing Collectors for 4 days of vinyl Mayhem!

 Dave Greet – Pete Fowler – Mark Speakman Dave Ferguson – Sean Haydon – Russell FleggDenny Johnson – Steve Boczkowski – Chris LalorPete Burgess – Chris Dalton – Kev ParkerJohn Elias -Dave Moore


El próximo 15 de Septiembre comenzará una nueva edición, y ya van siete!, de uno de los weekenders más interesantes que se promueven por estos lares y hemos aprovechado la ocasión para hablar con Dave Moore (thanks mate!)


How have English people ended up running a Northern Soul weekender in Mojacar?

I lived in the USA and we originally had the Hitsville Weekenders there. I moved to Spain in 2007 and everyone that was part of Hitsville asked if we would transfer it here. We built up a great relationship with a family owned hotel right on the beach and the annual event has been there ever since.

What is you motivation for running the event for seven years?

 I’m primarily a record collector and soul artist interviewer. Although I do DJ on occasions, it’s the collecting of records and the finding of artists/producers/writers/label owners that I really enjoy. Other members of Hitsville enjoy the same outlook on soul and so we naturally came together. Some of the members of the Histville Soul Club have been close friends for over 30 years.

What is your criteria for booking DJs?

We don’t book DJs in the traditional sense. We invite collectors/DJs to join our group of soul fans. There are no fees paid to any DJs. As record collectors of many years we have a great abundance of records between us and it is these collections that form the basis of the Weekender. 

Is the Weekender aimed more at an English crowd?

The Weekender is aimed at soul Fans, record collectors, dancers etc. It makes no difference whether you are English or not. We have members who attend from USA, Belgium, Australia, and of course Spain and Britain.

Do you think your numbers will be affected by the other events on in Spain in the next couple of months? For example Runaway Soul?

I‘ve no idea. We aren’t driven by “numbers” We have no overheads except the soundrig maintainance, (the Hitsville Club own 2 complete soundrigs). I don’t get involved in competition for “customers”. It’s not what we’re about. I tend to concentrate on organising the Hitsville Weekender for our group. I have attended many events in Spain and have enjoyed most of them immensely. I’d like to attend Runaway Soul too but the past 2 years it has clashed with Hitsville. Hopefully we’ll make it up there next year. Heard great things about the weekender and the music played there. 

Have you found many differences with the Spanish/UK and US scene? Allnighters?

 I think all three soul scenes are vastly different in many ways. They all have things that are unique to their own particular crowd of followers. Of course the big difference between the UK and the other 2 scenes are the amount of record collectors. The US and the Spanish scenes are still relatively young in terms of history but it would be great if more people collected 45s. But that’s just a personal opinion from a record collector!

How would you improve Spanish all nighters?

 I wouldn’t presume to think I could improve anyone’s allnighters. For me it’s about the music and the records. If they are good, all is good.

We’ve heard great things about Dave Greet! Do you think he is underrated on the scene in the UK?

Dave is an original “Hitsviller”. I think he’s a great collector and DJ. I think many collector/DJs are underated in the UK but that’s nothing new.


What is the atmosphere like at the weekender?

The days are full music and of record ‘talk’. People play records as radio shows whilst we record them for future use on the website. People chill out, listen, have lunch, etc whilst the crossover, beat ballad, new stuff is played. The nights are full on traditional Northern Soul Allnighter Dances. Everything gets played. Uptempo, midtempo, rarities, cheapies, acetates, C/Ups. The only criteria is quality. 

Who are the best or more interesting dj’s in Uk scence at the moment?

I enjoy listening to Karl Heard, Dave Greet, and Dave Ferguson play sets most of all. All three have extensive record collections, good ears and a passion for 45s. The best Northern DJ in UK in my opinion is Ginger Taylor. Although he’s a mate, he always seems to be able to locate the best of the top 45s and he’s always been a great ‘personality’ on the Technics.

Some people say that the future of the Northern Soul scene is in countries like Germany, Sweden rather than than in England. What is your opinion?

I don’t really have one.  I think there will always be a scene in UK. I don’t worry about the future, I’m too busy enjoying what’s happening today.

What do you think of the scene in England right now? What do you like best? And least?

I think there are good gigs and not so good gigs, It’s mainly always been like that. The best thing about the UK Scene are the guys/gigs that bring LIVE acts in. I am going to Coventry in Oct to watch the inimitable “Brothers Of Soul” who have been brought to Europe by Rob Moss (Hayley Records). Now THAT is a happening thing! I don’t attend gigs that play bootlegs/CDs/Laptops etc. 

As Avid readers of ‘There’s That Beat!’ we’d love to know if you are planning any future issues? When might the next one be out!?

There’s That Beat! was a labour of love for both Jason and I. Unfortunately tyhe credit crunch conspired against us and we couldn’t sustain the amount of time it took to produce. We have lots of material still “in the can” though and we envisage it being back at some stage. Meanwhile we are working on a book chronicling The Golden Era Of Philly Soul which we are hoping wil be out in September 2012. Same as There’s That Beat! it will be full colour, glossy, full of artists/producers/label owners etc from the Philadelphia soul scene of the 60s and 70s.  

What weekenders and/or clubs would you recommend to soul fans and why?

 I’ve enjoyed most weekenders I’ve ever attended.  For the UK an allnighter I’d recommend would be the Burnley Allnighter. Sure, it’s out of the way, it’s upstairs in a small town up North but Sean Haydon and Karl Heard seem to have found a pulse there with their mix of collector/DJs, up for it crowd, differents styles in one room and a willingness to shake up the DJ line up resulting in a great night. Oh and there are always 45s on sale!   For a weekend on the beach talking/listening/dancing to soul music… why….Hitsville of course! Guiño

For a weekender on the Continent I’d ecommend the Kings and Queen’s Weekender in Hamburg. It’s a two roomed event with Reggae in one room and soul in the other. Once again the guys have built up a great tradition of having Collector/DJs that aren’t frightened to play different tempos, styles etc in the same sets. Also there are 45s on sale at the record fair on Sunday morning!

What advice would you give to the young people who are starting out collecting records, playing records or promoting a club/weekender?

 Enjoy what you do, don’t take yourself too seriously. If you stop enjoying soul music then you’re doing something wrong.

What 10 records represent the spirit of Hitsville?

Poets – Wrapped Around Your Finger – J-2

Detroit Sounds Of Friction – Heavy Duty

Platters – Doesn’t It Ring A Bell – Acetate

Chuck Holiday – Just Can’t Trust Nobody – Gloria

Prophets – One Gold Piece – Shrine

Chico Lamarr – What Do You Think I Am – Fuller

Eddie Parker – I’m Gone – Awake

Eddie Billups – Ask My Heat – Peachtree

Del Larks – Job Opening – Queen City

Imperial Cs Someone Tell Her – Phil LA of Soul

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