FOUNDED: 2004, coming up to our 8th Anniversary, February 2012

CITY: It started in Dewsbury, then Retford, Colsterworth and now resides in Shareshill near Cannock/Wolverhampton.  Been there 4 years or so now.


RESIDENT DJ’S: Butch, Andy Dyson, Mick H, Soul Sam, Cliff Steele and me, Chalky

PROMOTER/S: Andy and Mick are the money, I’m the brains J I do the promotion, get the flyer details sorted, internet, Facebook etc.  

Mandy and Wendy are the pretty faces who greet you on the door (except Halloween when they are usually pretty scary!!))

What is the music policy of the club?.

60’s and 70’s (mainly 60’s) Unknowns, semi-knowns, obscurities, rare and underplayed, quality oldies.  All we ask of the DJ’s is to play what you don’t hear week in week out everywhere else, use some imagination.  We realize you cannot go to far with the unknown etc so good quality oldies are in the mix but we try and steer clear of the same old same you hear every week.

Do you think that the DJ line up can still make people travel to one club? Does this affect your choice?

We hope it does, travelling to hear records you can’t hear anywhere else is what it used to be all about.  Many of the records owned by the DJ’s on the rosta aren’t widely available, by that I mean the internet, CD as well as a 45.  We are careful with the choice, we try to pick DJ’s who have something different or new to offer what isn’t already there and someone who won’t resort to the norm, someone with an imagination.  It is getting harder to find a DJ with something to offer that isn’t already on offer.

Do you take into account that people may travel to your club? Does this affect your choice?

I would think the majority of our crowd travel.  Doesn’t really affect our choice although we are mindful of what the guest will play but we try and stick to what Lifeline has been all about since its inception.

Have you ever made a mistake with one of the djs you have invited? (No need to name names!)?

Not that I can think of.

How do you decide the line up/rota for the evening?

By and large it has been the same for every night, I open up, then Cliff, Andy and Mick.  The guest usually chooses to go on around Midnight/1am.  Butch follows then Sam, Andy and or Mick and then Rob Smith sends them home.  We have a job getting Rob off the decks, we have to pull the plug otherwise he would be there all day as well.  His enthusiasm is a bit like Sam’s, both put all the younger ones to shame.

Does your venue support the club and what you are trying to do? What is the atmosphere like at the club?

The management are fully supportive and we have had no real problems.  Atmosphere is great when it is a full house, large dance floor with a balcony full of record dealers and those who like to people watch.

Who comes to you club, what´s the crowd like, busy dance floor?

The crowd is different every time with new faces every time, some return some don’t.  Dance floor once everyone has said there hellos is busy all-night.  The floor is ideal.

How would you encourage younger people to come (if you do?) to your club and to be more involved in the scene in general?

We have to trust in the music policy.  We are friendly and approachable, never any trouble at the venue and everyone there for the music.  We’ve had DJ’s from the popular younger orientated clubs, Paul Barker one that stands out and he did a great set, followed Butch too which is tough.  Youngsters have to be encouraged and they are more than welcome at Lifeline.

What was the best/worst moment in the clubs history?

The first few nights are as good an all-nighter I’ve attended, certainly since the 80’s.  The weekenders we held stand out too.  Worst night?  When I broke my elbow and was laid up in hospital so didn’t make it.  Seriously though, I can’t think of one.

All in all had it been worthwhile and rewarding running your club?

It has been more than worthwhile.

Have you ever thought about packing it all in!?

Yes but the feeling doesn’t last long. 

Or selling your record collection?

I’ve sold one, when I got married….big mistake!!

What record would you kill to have in your collection!?

Most of Butch’s!!

What new discoveries have been played for the first time at your club?

Too may to think off, most are still covered up.

Which are your favourite clubs, apart from your own of course!?

Boomerang at Thorne favourite soul night, Wilton favourite all-nighter.  Plenty of great venues around the country though.

Anything you would like to improve or change on the present scene? Or anything you don´t like? 

I’d like people to be a bit more open minded and promoters to get DJ’s to add a few lesser played tracks in the mix.  I’d like promoters to look at the bigger picture though and stop the clashing, start working together.

There are so many dos on every weekend now, is this a problem for you? Is it harming the scene and the more established nights?

Lifeline has been up to this year pretty fortunate with very few venues clashing.  But this year has been an up and down year with weekenders and other all-nighters having a detrimental affect on Lifeline.  Next year (2012) will be make or break, if the support isn’t there then the club won’t be there.  We have already cancelled one night because of one weekender changing its dates and other all-nighters.

Which up and coming djs do you rate for the next few years?

Paul Barker really impressed me this year at Lifeline.  Haven’t heard too many others who have the same confidence and approach to his set to be honest.  Will have to make a point of getting out and listening to some more youngsters next year.

What advice would you give to the young people who are starting out collecting records, playing records or promoting a club?

Above all else be yourself, use your imagination, set the trends and not follow them.  Just enjoy yourselves!

What 10 records define your club?

Too many to select ten, been so many rare exclusive records form the DJ’s that are just fantastic soul records.  I will be attempting to sort a list of some spins by past guests and residents.

Which is your favourite ender for the club?

I don’t have one to be honest.