100We were really excited about going to see the great Darrow Fletcher sing in celebration of Kent’s 30th birthday party at the 100 club.

We were pleased to see the event was a sell out, a mixture of the old MOD boys and girls, soul scence regulars and the younger crowd that have frequented the club the last few years and have also fallen in love with our wonderful music!

The backing band were fantastic, really enthusiastic and very talented. They created a perfect atmosphere doing a warm up song for Mr Fletcher to come on to and when he appeared from the side of the stage the crowd starting applauding and cheering wildly.

Darrow looked so happy to be there performing and looked genuinely overwhelmed that so many people were there to watch him. He started off and what can I say the guy still has it! He did ‘What have I got now’, ‘what good am I’ and’the pain gets a little deeper’ alongside a couple of new songs. He couldn’t hide his delight when he could see us all singing along and dancing.

I’m so pleased that we were there and I look forward to hearing more of his new sounds.

Kylee and Ian Sims.
Bishop’s Stortford