Sobre algo tan subjetivo como son los gustos musicales les pedimos a unos cuantos amigos que nos dijeran sus mejores temas o nuevos descubrimientos del pasado 2012. Gracias a todos.

  • 156973_473789812672807_324930743_nDave Ripolles

Ishola Muhammad-open up your heart (Guess)

Power of attorney-Changing Man (Brotherhood)

Raphael Munnings-Sleep on, Dream on (Alston)


  • Ady Croasdell

Melvin Parker If I Had My Way (Mystery label)

The Tokays Marriage Is Just A State Of Mind (Dave Hamilton Productions)

pied-piper-presents-September Jones- VooDoo Madamoiselle (Pied Piper)

Cavaliers- We Go Together (Pied Piper)


  • Leona Murphy

Ishola Mohammed “Open up your heart’ (Guess)

Gentle “Easy Greasy” (Leo Mini)

Caffey Brothers “Make Me Over” (Aura)


  • Brother LoveMarc Forrest

John Harris- Hangin (Kerston)

Brother Love – Precious Dove (Brother Love Productions)

Soul Injection- Stay Off The Moon (Accent)


  • Ian Sims

The Paramount Four – You Don’t Know (Southern City)

Wayne Boling – Girl I Like To Dance With You (Campo)

April & Blackwood acetate of Leo McArthur – Bringing It Home.


  • united soundsLars Bulnheim

United Sounds: It’s All Over ,Baby  (United)

The Superbs: Wind In My Sails  (Dore)

Points Of View: I’m Superman  (Instant)



Ishola Muhammad – Open up your heart (Guess)

United Sounds – It’s allover baby (United)

Brotherhood – When you need me (Tesserac )


  • make me overYann Vatiste

United Sounds: It’s All Over Baby (United)

Caffey Brothers – Make Me Over  (Aura)

Sky Hi – Smoothie Pie (GED-006)