• George Mahood

soul_superiors_2Spirit. Spirit (Peppermint)

Winkey & The Function of Togetherness. I Love You Only (Aquacity)

Soul Superiors & Sherman Willis – Let’s Do It (Rhythm)


  • Joel Maslin

Ishola Muhammed – Open Up Your Heart – Guess

Little Ceasar c/u (Butch)

United Sounds – It’s All Over Baby – United


  • Steve Plumb

SLN96544Sweet Rain – Love don’t go away (From a RCA 70’s acetate LP)

Oliver Cheatham – Don’t pop the question (From a Magic City 70’s acetate and released by Soul Junction)

J-May – I won’t hurt you (actually a download from 2011)


  • Dave Thorley

Ishola Muhammad – Open up your heart (guess)

United Sounds – It’s All Over ,Baby (United)

Hunts Determination – I need love/Are we through (Earwax)

derbysGentle – Easy greasy (Leo Mini)

New Image Group – In the park (New Image)

The Superbs: Wind In My Sails (Dore)


  • Nev Griffits

Tommy & the Derby’s – Going back to Houston (Kool)

Superbs – Wind in my sails ( Dore )

Melanie Burke – Sing a sing of love ( Rush )


  • Paul Thrower

170483521434The Attractions – Did I do the right thing  (Nationwide)

Eugene Gamble – ‘Without my baby’ (Jetstream)

Clay Brown – ‘Why you wanna make me change’ (Florentine)


  • Steven Clancy

Black Smoke Band – Keep on searching (Black Smoke)

Ishola Muhammed – Open up your heart (Guess)

I.J Harris – Already to go (Cash)


  • 150649016036Nige Brown 

Teri Mathews- Round&Round (Preview)

Tommy Dent- Soul Thing (Cobblestone)

M’Taboo – Losing Your Love  (Peach)