Seguimos con la gente de aquí..

Iu Adell (Corner SC)

Taking bout loveIshola Muhammad – Open up your heart (Guess)
Unity & The Down Beat – Love Dream (Sound Of Selma)
Frank Hutton – Old Man Me (Goodie Train)


Ismael (GreenVillage)

Just Brothers- Go on and laugh (????)

Love  Warmth & affection – Talking about love (Week-End)

El Lp entero de Lee Fields – Faithful man (Truth&Sou)


CIMG3905Jose Mardigras (Corner SC)

Cosmos Universal Band -Third Eye
Ishola Muhammad- Open up your heart (Guess)
Sugar Bear – I love you so (Drells)


Marcos Juandó ( Discos Juandó )

Nappy Brown- My baby (Savoy 78rpm)

Oliver Cheatham- Don’t pop the question (if you can’t take the answer)- Soul Junction

Juan Laya&Jorge Montiel feat. Chennez McKenzie- You can’t beat it (Imagenes 10″)


teenagersDavid de Santiago (GreenVillage)

Caffey Brothers – Make me Over  (Aura)

United Sounds – It´s all over (United)

Al Supersonic and the Teenagers – Paint yourself in the corner (Unique)


Jose Angel (Soulfood Marula Café)

Noah-  Got to get away candy (Stix )

Stephen Bassett no good for her (Ease )

Willie Collins: She’s Hot -(Skyride)


f01c76a3Alex Subinas (Soul4Real)

John Edwards – Loneliest house on the street (Aware unissued)
Bobby Moore – Can’t Get Away
Cualquiera de lo último de Gregory Porter


Juan (Talcum)

Project Jazz – Hell Razah feat. Talib Kweli & Doom (Nature Sounds)

Our country needs love. Fitz Major (Ashanti)

Jump in the water. Beginning of the End (Alston)


120229%20-%20Faithful%20ManManu (Talcum)

Unity & The Downbeats – Love Dream(Stax-Take)
Ronnie West – Lil’ Woman (Goins Intro-Prizz)
Lee Fields – Faithful Man (Truth & Soul)


Eduardo Domingo (Movin’On)

Ishola Muhammad- Open up your heart (Guess)

R. Kelly- Share my love

Fats Gaines Orchestra- Let’s stay together


350303643960Albert Petit ( València Northern SC)

August Tide – Far away places (August Tide)

Brother Love- Preciouse Dove (Brother Love Productions)

Black Sugar- Too Late (Sono-Radio)


Cristina Alonso (Movin On/Boiler)

Sonya Spence – Let love flow on (High Note)
Lucifer – Don’t you (Invictus)
Pat Brown – The Good Got To Suffer For The Bad (Seven)


imagesCAPD8A4GJuan Carlos Reyes ( Barsoulona SC)

IJ Harris – All ready to go (Cash)

Ishola Muhammad – Open up your heart (Guess)

Sugar Boy & Shades of Black – Free man (Shades)


Herminio (Love Boat)

Chris Rhodes Band – Gotta New Release On Love (Mirage)

Jeff Silna- It’s always something with you (Private Press)

Princeless – Love In Your Life (Decimal)