Jens Chreisti

SWEET_BREEZE___GOOD_THINGSweet Breeze – Slow Change Up (Willpower)
Fred Williams, Capt Boo & the Funky Space Cadets – Ever Good Loving ( Rock & Reggae)
Vivian Copeland – Chaos (in My Heart) – D’Oro


Mark Gurney

Friends & Strangers -I Don’t Want To Be Alone Tonight’ (Mystic Sound)
Mark Romero- I Found Love’ (TNT)
Strivers Show Band – I Love Episode’ (Strivers)



330602826898Sweet pearl – You mean everything to me  (Leopard head)
Overtones – What would I do  (Hip city)
Brotherhood – When you needed me  (Tesseract)


Mark Taylor

Bobby Moore -I can’t get away – Japanese P vine LP

Lee Fields -You’re the kinda girl – Truth & Soul

Harvey Scales -Don’t you ever let it end -Magic Touch


top-flight 37457Andy Noble

Georgette Blu – You Had A Dream (Love)
Caffey Brothers – Make Me Over (Aura)
Sounds of Soul – Don’t Move That Mountain (Top Flight)


Mark G V Taylor

University Of Miami Concert Jazz Band : Halcyon Days LP

Various : Wilderness America LP

Paqua : The Visitor 12″ (released in Spring 2012)



Coalitions – The Memory of you – Soul Junction

Hopkins Brothers – Shake Cherri- Soul Junction

Eula Cooper c/u


Ian McManus

Sunrise Movement – Running Wild (Ghetto)
United Sounds – It’s All Over Baby (United)
120778037275Cavaliers – We Go Together (Pied Piper)


Jan Drews

James Knox- Electric City (Pineaplle )
United Sounds- Its all over baby (United)
Mad Hatters- People all over the world (Peg Leg Bates)