¿Que si los vale?. Por supuesto.





“As I walked along the lonely street I was almost hypnotized.
I saw the face of the girl I loved; She was with some other guy.
And the pain I got from seeing this broke me up inside; 
And I began to feel the loneliness for the first time in my life
I went to see the doctor just the other day; 
I explained my situation and he told me right away
He said “My medicine can’t cure your ills; no the pills I can’t prescribe; 
Son, you got to see some newspaper and begin to advertise”
There’s a job opening for an experienced heart mender
Take the job, heartmender”

Frustrated by his business relationship with George Blackwell and unaware that Blackwell would secretly release two of Campbell tracks (SOS for love/ Listen to my radio) on a label called Vision, Sammy decided to terminate his association with Smoke and start putting out his own records. He released SOS… on Queen City Records, his own label. Still performing with the Del Larks, he wrote a song for his group that he felt confident would finally launch him to greater levels of success. The group recorded his new song, Job Opening, at Tony Camillo’s studio in Greenwich Village and proceeded to look for a label to release it. The Savoy label expressed interest and at least one member of the group believed they should let Savoy release it, but Sammy didn’t think the deal was a good one for himself or the group and he decided to release it on Queen City, so confident was he that the record would be a hit. Job Opening had it all: good production; uptempo, danceable beat; a topical title, which he knew most of his friends could relate to; and phenomenal lyrics, with a great poetical twist to them……