Podríamos decir que está hecho por buenos amigos, que la edición está muy cuidada (Duró Estudio), que es parte de nuestra historia…. pero sobre todo y fundamental es que es muy bueno. Sin duda comprarlo rápido porque va a volar y luego vendrán los lloros.


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Liner notes by Paul Thrower:

Success can be measured in so many ways, but over the years this man has created some of the most compelling, inspiring and distinctive music ever committed to wax.

‘Prince’ Phillip Mitchell is a genius, a man able to craft a song from emotions dragged from the deepest depths and finely hone them to perfection. His list of writing credits graces the good and the great of our music, while his own recordings and poignant lyrics are steeped in the very essence of Soul. Impassioned ballads or funky grooves, Muscle Shoals, Memphis or L.A. . . . it made no difference as the ‘Prince’ simply took the word majestic to another level.

We are very proud to present to you the comeback recordings of a true legend of Soul music and really do hope that this is ‘Just the beginning’ . . . but we can assure you that it’s most definitely ‘Soul4Real’!



Soul 4 Real is proud to present “PRINCE” PHILLIP MITCHELL’s brand new 7′, his new recording after 23 years.

This true legend of Soul music has recorded 2 special songs for this limited release. 

“Just The Beginning” is a killer version recorded for the first time with real strings, percussion and plenty of horns (featuring Fame gang members Charles Rose and Harvey Thompson) while the flipside it’s his own interpretation of “Something New To Do”, which he originally wrote in the 70’s.

The Price of this picture sleeve 45 it’s just 10 euros plus P&P

Spain – 1 to 4 records – 2,50 euros
Europe – 1 to 4 records – 6,50 euros
Rest of the world – 1 to 4 records – 9,60 euros

RECORD WILL BE AVAILABLE FIRST WEEK OF JUNE. You can pre-order your copy right now!

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