Después una largo tiempo de aletargamiento en el blog observando si la democracia se iba a la mierda de una vez por todas, lo único que ha hecho que nos levantemos del sillón ha sido este post leído en Facebook por Ian Dewhirst. Ganas no, lo siguiente.

Well finally got to see the finished film last night and it’s tremendous! It’s visually stunning and the impact of the music is undeniable. The dance-floor scenes @ Wigan made the hairs on the back of my neck tingle. Seriously. That was EXACTLY what it was like. Plus the way the music is mixed within the film makes an extraordinary impact. Had me hooked that’s for sure. I recommend that people see it on the big screen for maximum effect. The most accurate depiction of the 70s Northern Soul scene without a shadow of a doubt. Go see it!