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MOVIN’ON !!!!!!!!!

Próxima parada con uno de los mejores carteles que podríamos esperar.  Y  es que viajar para oir algunos de los más grandes dj’s  sigue importando.

Jordi and David Ripolles have been involved with the UK soul scene since the late ’70’s, starting out going to Northern Soul clubs like Wigan Casino, Cleethorpes Winter gardens, Rudies in Scarborough, Birmingham Locarno and many others. The …y have been keen collectors of vinyl of all kinds of soul genres from 60’s Northern, 70’s crossover, contemporary soul tunes, funky 45’s, soulful 12″, mellow 80’s two steppers etc. They have been DJ’ing on and off for the last 15 years or so, all over the UK, and more recently in Europe, at soul nights, all nighters and weekenders and have gained respected reputations for playing something a little bit different to the usual. Their sets will generally contain a mix of styles and tempos from 60’s stone soul killers through to deadly 70’s crossover dancers, with a smattering of jazz and Latin, and a healthy dollop of obscure funky modern soul in between. Cheap underplayed vinyl will sit side by side with ulta rare tunes and there will always be something for connoisseurs, chin strokers, and dancers alike. current plays and some of the music that you may hear on the 5th of February includes:


1. Sweet Pearl-you mean everything to me (leopard head)
2. The Scott Three-Runnin’ Wild (ain’t gonna help you) (march)
3. The Delshan and Love Children-Angela Baby (jachelle)
4. Harvey Scales and the 7 Seas-Trying to survive (magic touch)
5. Anubis-Ecology (Salt City)
6. Cosmos Universal Band–Third Eye (API atteiram)
7. Chuck Colbert and Viewpoint-Stay (Caillier)
8. Gold-what about the Child (MRC)
9. Nobody’s Children-Shadarp (Toeholt)
10. Fred Williams Capt Boo and the Funky Space Cadets-Ever Good Lovin (Rock and Reggae)


1.chuck Stephens – paying for your love (Leo Mini)
2.small society-if you stand by me (cadde)
3.Ralph Weeks-let me do my thing (Sally Ruth)
4. joey Irving- there’s a man (baltic)
5. Sheepherders – if ever you need me (sounds international)
6. Joe Medwick- whatever it takes (west park)
7. Luv N’ Haight – one night love affair (AMR)
8. Black Earth plus – how can you say you love me (Third world experience)
9. Leon Antoine-I Love you for this reason (Goldway)
10. BBP – I’m in the prime of love (Stang)

GRAPEVINE 2000 Label Pt.3 … by Steve Plumb

Final part.  Maybe continued…..

G2K 45-159a                       GORGEOUS GEORGE – You Can’t Stop A Woman (UNRELEASED)

Woof! Serious Crossover Soul dancer. Proper brass laden 70’s chugger with a killer vocal that again, I believe has slipped through the net, as this was released towards the end of the labels life in 2006. This was an unissued Peachtree track that came of course through the mighty William Bell. Bloody marvellous track and my type of Crossover


You Can\’t Stop A Woman



G2K 45-160a                       EDDIE HOLMAN – Sweet Memories Are Haunting Me (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-160b                       HARTHON ORCH – Groovin’ At The Go Go (UNRELEASED)

Eddie’s third and final release and yet another 60’s Philly Northern Soul dancer. The B side is the unreleased instrumental version of The Four Larks’ monster Northern Soul classic of the same name! This is well worth a listen too! Incidentally, all the ‘Harthon’ material released on G2K was of course supplied via the late great Weldon McDougall III through his long term friendship with John Anderson.


Sweet Memories

Groovin\’ At The Go Go



G2K 45-161a                       DETROIT MAGNIFICENTS – Is This A Woman’s Way (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-161b                       DETROIT MAGNIFICENTS – Where Can I Find Love (UNRELEASED)

The last but one release on the label! ‘Is This A Woman’s Way’ is a storming unreleased Northern Soul dancer written & produced by Jerry Williams. The B side ‘Where Can I Find Love’ is a really nice surprise as it’s a gritty Southern/Deep Soul mover! More tracks of this style would have been good as this is real quality Soul Music!

Is This A Woman\’s Way

Where Can I Find Love



G2K 45-162a                       AL WILLIAMS – Try them (Vocal) (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-162b                       L. P. T.’S – Try them (Instrumental) (UNRELEASED)

Strangely enough, this is the ONLY release to feature another logo (La Beat) on the label other than the G2K logo! Sadly, this was the LAST release on the label BUT boy did they go out with a bang! The legendary Al Williams appears here (courtesy of the label owner Lou Beatty) on a previously unissued 60’s Detroit ‘La Beat’ recording which is an absolute gem of a dancer! This should have become a monster on the Northern scene but as it was released at the very end of the label’s life, it meant promotion was limited. It is now simply poised to become one 5 years on! Simply brilliant and a great way to bow out!


Try them

Try them (Instrumental)



So there you go a full appraisal of all the previously unissued tracks plus tracks appearing on 45 for the first time. I do hope many people find the article useful? As it’s a web page we have added links in so you can hear a particular track along with seeing a scan each label. I’m also planning on doing a podcast of what I consider to be the key tracks from the list above, so please keep your eyes on the web site as it should be on in a few weeks.

My thanks go out to Garry Cape who gave me some great information on the background of some of the previously unissued tracks. He also gave me lots of great info about many of the other previously released tracks which could be used in future for a wider appraisal of the label’s overall output?

I’ll finish with a little plug for my web site, as I have a page dedicated totally to Grapevine 2000 at I have a number of early Test Pressings & a few DJ Copies (including The Barons & Percy Stone at time of going to press) BUT they are all in VERY limited numbers and of course ‘When they’re gone they’re gone’ (as they say!)

Finally, as promised, here’s the full label listing

Many thanks for reading


Steve Plumb

December 2010


Full 45 label listing for Grapevine 2000

G2K 45-100a            VICKIE LABATT – Got to keep hanging on (Original 45 is on Shagg 712)

G2K 45-100b            GUITAR RAY – You’re gonna wreck my life (Original 45 is on Shagg 711)

G2K 45-101a            ELECTRIC EXPRESS – Hearsay (Vocal)

G2K 45-101b            ELECTRIC EXPRESS – Hearsay (Instrumental)

(Original 45 is on Key Vac 2930)

G2K 45-102a            CHOICE OF COLOR – Your love (Original 45 is on APT 26011)

G2K 45-102b            RON HENDERSON & CHOICE OF COLOR – Love is gone (US LP only)

G2K 45-103a            BOBBY WAYNE – Long hard road (1st time on 45)

G2K 45-103b            BOBBY WAYNE – Do I love you (1st time on 45)

G2K 45-104a            MAGNETICS – The look on your face (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-104b            MAGNETICS – You were made for love (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-105a            TRUE IMAGE – I’m not over you (Original 45 is on Super Smash 1324)

G2K 45-105b            TRUE IMAGE – I’m not over you (Extended version) (1st time on 45)

G2K 45-106a            TAVASCO – Love is trying to get a hold on me (Radio edit) (1st time on 45)

G2K 45-106b            TAVASCO – Love is trying to get a hold on me (Original 45 is on Rampart 695)

G2K 45-107a            MATT BROWN – Thank you baby

G2K 45-107b            MATT BROWN – Sweet thing

(Original 45 is on Jar Val 6)

G2K 45-108a            LITTLE HANK – Try to understand (Original 45 is on SS7 2551)

G2K 45-108b            LITTLE HANK – Mr Bang Bang man (Original 45 is on SS7 2566)

G2K 45-109a            GEORGE HOBSON – Let it be real

G2K 45-109b            GEORGE HOBSON – A place in your heart

(Original 45 is on Sound City 1001)

G2K 45-110a            ERNEST BAKER – Alone again

G2K 45-110b            ERNEST BAKER – Do it with the feeling

(Original 45 is on Blue Soul 10)

G2K 45-111a            FORTSON & SCOTT – Sweet lover (Original 45 is on Pzazz 12)

G2K 45-111b            ROBBY FORTSON – Are you for real (Original 45 is on Pzazz 27)

G2K 45-112a            NATHAN WILLIAMS – What price

G2K 45-112b            NATHAN WILLIAMS – Reaching higher

(Original 45 is on Lime 100)

G2K 45-113a            SEX – It’s you, baby it’s you (Original 45 is on Super City 70115)

G2K 45-113b            SEX – It’s you, baby it’s you (Extended version) (1st time on 45)

G2K 45-114a            MONTCLAIRS – Hey you! Don’t fight it

G2K 45-114b            MONTCLAIRS – Never ending love

(Original 45 is on Arch 1305)

G2K 45-115a            ARCHIE HODGE – I really want to see you girl

G2K 45-115b            ARCHIE HODGE – If I didn’t need you woman

(Original 45 is on Narco 3)

G2K 45-116a            SERVICEMEN – Are you angry

G2K 45-116b            SERVICEMEN – I need a helping hand

(Original 45 is on Wind Hit 100)

G2K 45-117a            BILL CODAY – A man can’t be a man (Original 45 is on Epic 50167)

G2K 45-117b            SANDRA WRIGHT – A man can’t be a man

(1st time on 45 – From her originally UNRELEASED 70’s LP)

G2K 45-118a            SWISS MOVEMENT – I wish or love could last forever

G2K 45-118b            SWISS MOVEMENT – One in a million

(Original 45 is on Gold 2)

G2K 45-119a            MAGNETICS – I’ll keep holding on

G2K 45-119b            MAGNETICS – Jackie Baby (can you do it)

(Original 45 is on Sable 104)

G2K 45-120a            DON GARDNER – Cheatin’ kind (Original 45 is on Sedgrick 3001)

G2K 45-120b            DON GARDNER – Is this really love (Original 45 is on Sedgrick 3003)

G2K 45-121a            THE SPRINGERS – Nothing’s too good for my baby (Original 45 is on Wale 428)

G2K 45-121b            THE SPRINGERS – I can’t believe (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-122a            THE FOUR DYNAMICS – Things that a lady ain’t supposed to do

G2K 45-122b            THE FOUR DYNAMICS – That’s what girls are made for

(Original 45 is on Peachtree 129)

G2K 45-123a            THE JONES BROTHERS – Good Old Days

G2K 45-123b            THE JONES BROTHERS – Lucky Lady

(Original 45 is on AVI 102)

G2K 45-124a            MELVIN BROWN & JAMES MATTHEWS – Love stormy weather

G2K 45-124b            MELVIN BROWN & JAMES MATTHEWS – Soul Man

(Original 45 is on Philmore Sound 607121)

G2K 45-125a            CARBON COPIES – Just don’t love you

G2K 45-125b            CARBON COPIES – Baby I’m coming home

(Original 45 is on Git Down 455)

G2K 45-126a            EDDIE BILLUPS – Ask my heart

G2K 45-126b            EDDIE BILLUPS – A soldier’s prayer

(Original 45 is on Peachtree 104)

G2K 45-127a            C. P. LOVE – Trick Bag (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-127b            C. P. LOVE – Plenty of room for more (Original 45 is on King Walk 569)

G2K 45-128a            WILLIE TEE – I’m having so much fun (Original 45 is on Gatur 557)

G2K 45-128b            WILLIE TEE – First taste of hurt (Original 45 is on Gatur 509)

G2K 45-129a            L. V. JOHNSON – Trying to hold on (Original 45 is on Chi Heat 101)

G2K 45-129b            L. V. JOHNSON – I love you I want you I need you (Original 45 is on ICA 027)

G2K 45-130a            MAGNETICS – When I’m with my baby

G2K 45-130b            MAGNETICS – Count the days

(Original 45 is on Sable 767)

G2K 45-131a            RON HENDERSON & CHOICE OF COLOR – Gemini Lady

G2K 45-131b            RON HENDERSON & CHOICE OF COLOR – Goodbye my love
(Original 45 is on Choice Cut 8)

G2K 45-132a            PERCY STONE – Chained

G2K 45-132a            PERCY STONE – Chained

(Original 45 is on Ram 5035) (WITHDRAWN – Demo’s only of this exist)

G2K 45-133a            MATT BROWN – Everyday (I love you just a little bit more)

G2K 45-133b            MATT BROWN – Baby I’m A Want You

(Original 45 is on Jar Val 4)

G2K 45-134a            CHESTERFIELDS – Think it over (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-134b            M. R. S. BAND – Why did you leave me baby (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-135a            CYNTHIA SHEELER – I’ll cry over you (Original 45 is on JB’s 2605)

G2K 45-135b            NORMA JEAN – I’ve taken over (Original 45 is on Hep Me108)

G2K 45-136a            SERVICEMEN – I’ll stop loving you (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-136b            SERVICEMEN – Sweet magic (Original 45 is on Chartmaker 480)

G2K 45-137a            TOMMY TATE – Do you think there’s a chance (UNRELEASED from Jap LP)

G2K 45-137b            TOMMY TATE – If you got to love somebody (UNRELEASED – Different take to 45)

G2K 45-138a            EDDIE HOLMAN – Hold me in your arms (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-138b            M. R. S. BAND – Diggin’ It (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-139a            BOBBY RICH – Somewhere there’s a girl for me
G2K 45-139b            BOBBY RICH – I Can’t help myself (I’m just dreamin’)

(Original 45 is on Sambea 101)

G2K 45-140a            SYL JOHNSON – All I need is someone like you (UNRELEASED from Jap LP)

G2K 45-140b            SYL JOHNSON – Do you know what love is (Original 45 is on Special Agent 200)

G2K 45-141a            CAROL ANDERSON – Taking my mind off love (Original 45 is on Whip 347)

G2K 45-141b            CAROL ANDERSON – Sad girl (Original 45 is on Fee101)

G2K 45-142a            WILLIE TEE – Teasin’ you again (Original 45 is on Gatur 512)

G2K 45-142b            WILLIE TEE – Teasin’ you (Original 45 is on Nola 708)

G2K 45-143a            GERRI HALL – Who can I run to (Original 45 is on Hot Line 905)

G2K 45-143b            JADES – Lucky fellow (Original 45 is on Mode 503)

G2K 45-144a            COREY BLAKE – How can I go on without you

G2K 45-144b            COREY BLAKE – Your love is like a Boomerang

(Original 45 is on Capitol 4057)

G2K 45-145a            BOBBY JAMES – I really love you (Original 45 is on Karol 3727)

G2K 45-145b            LOVELITES – I’m not like the others (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-146a            THE VINES – After the rain (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-146b            THE VINES – So it be (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-147a            JOHNNY MOORE – Yesterday today and tomorrow (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-147b            JOHNNY MOORE – Come Fly With Me (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-148a            SAINTS – I’ll let you slide (Original 45 is on Wigwam 3907)

G2K 45-148b            CAL BRANDON – I kept on smiling (Original 45 is on Hit Man 711)

G2K 45-149a            HERMAN HITSON – You can’t keep a good man down

G2K 45-149b            HERMAN HITSON – Ain’t no other way

(Original 45 is on Sweet Rose 25)

G2K 45-150a            EDDIE HOLMAN – She’s wanted (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-150b            M. R. S. BAND – Sunset on Ridge (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-151a            JERRY WILLIAMS – When You Move, You Lose (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-151b            JERRY WILLIAMS – That’s The Groove (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-152a            DOTTIE PEARSON – A House Made Of Love (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-152b            DOTTIE PEARSON – Bring It Over Baby (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-153a            ANITA ROBBINS – I can stand a little bit more (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-153b            CHUCK BROOKS – Last minute plans (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-154a            PRECIOUS THREE – I Need A Man (Original 45 is on Ref O Ree 730)

G2K 45-154b            WENDELL WATTS – You girl (Original 45 is on Ref O Ree 715)

G2K 45-155a            BARONS OF SOUL – You Need Love (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-155a            BARONS OF SOUL – You Need Love

(WITHDRAWN – Demo’s only of this exist)

G2K 45-156a            STORM – Can’t Nobody Love Me Like You Do

G2K 45-156b            STORM – Hung Up On Each Other (Plays at 33rpm!!!!)

(Original 45 is on Rosette 1001)

G2K 45-157a            MASQUERADERS – It’s the same thing (Original 45 is on Soultown 201)

G2K 45-157b            MASQUERADERS – How big is big (Original 45 is on Bell 847)

G2K 45-158a            BENNY HARPER – My prayer

G2K 45-158b            BENNY HARPER – It’s Love

(Original 45 is on Harper Soul 809)

G2K 45-159a            GORGEOUS GEORGE – You Can’t Stop A Woman (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-159b1         GORGEOUS GEORGE – Get Up Off It (Original 45 is on Peachtree 105)

G2K 45-159b2         GORGEOUS GEORGE – It’s Not A Hurting Thing (Original 45 is on Peachtree 105)

G2K 45-160a            EDDIE HOLMAN – Sweet Memories Are Haunting Me (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-160b            HARTHON ORCH – Groovin’ At The Go Go (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-161a            DETROIT MAGNIFICENTS – Is This A Woman’s Way (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-161b            DETROIT MAGNIFICENTS – Where Can I Find Love (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-162a            AL WILLIAMS – Try them (Vocal) (UNRELEASED) (La Beat Logo on label)

G2K 45-162b            L. P. T.’S – Try them (Inst) (UNRELEASED)

You could read more on Soul Source :

Thanks Steve Plumb and !!

GRAPEVINE 2000 Label Pt.2 … by Steve Plumb



G2K 45-134a                       THE CHESTERFIELDS – Think it over (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-134b                       M. R. S. BAND – Why did you leave me baby (UNRELEASED)

A legendary unreleased Northern Soul dancer from the Chesterfields using the same backing track as ‘Yvonne Baker – You didn’t say a word’ This was an exclusive acetate played covered up by Butch for many years, before it finally got a release on Grapevine 2000. The B side ‘Why did you leave me baby’ is a pounding Northern instrumental from the Harthon vaults! Not sure what this is the backing track to?



Think it over

Why did you leave



G2K 45-136a                       SERVICEMEN – I’ll stop loving you (UNRELEASED)

This is a great 60’s group Northern dancer that is well worth a spin again? Various contacts in Phoenix, Arizona conspired to get this one to the Grapevine team!

I’ll stop loving you





G2K 45-137a                       TOMMY TATE – Do you think there’s a chance

G2K 45-137b                       TOMMY TATE – If you got to love somebody

Two killer tracks from Tommy Tate seeing releases on 45 for the 1st time ever!

‘Do you think there’s a chance’ is taken from his rare ‘Hold on’ Japanese-only LP on Malaco/Vivid Sound 1017 from 1979. This is a brilliant mid-tempo 70’s dancer that is as catchy as hell with a hands-in-the-air feel to it! Backed with the sublime anthemic ‘If you got to love somebody’ which is the version found on his ‘Soul Revelations’ Japanese-only CD on P-Vine 22008 from 1996 and is a different (and better in my opinion) version than that of the ultra rare Ko Ko 726 demo-only 45 from 1977. With the always excellent vocals of Mr Tommy Tate this is a brilliant value for money 45!. We can thank Garry Cape once again for this, as we can all the Malaco related stuff that came out on Grapevine 2000!

Do you think there’s a chance

If you got to love somebody



G2K 45-138a                       EDDIE HOLMAN – Hold me in your arms (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-138b                       M. R. S. BAND – Diggin’ It (UNRELEASED)

The first of THREE unreleased Eddie Holman tracks to get a release on Grapevine 2000. ‘Hold me in your arms’ is a neat 60’s Philly Northern Soul dancer! The instrumental ‘Diggin’ It’ is another Northern dancer which sounds familiar. Was there ever a vocal to this?

Hold me



G2K 45-140a                       SYL JOHNSON – All I need is someone like you

Japanese LP track only 1st time ever on a 45

Taken from his rare Japanese-only ‘Goodie Goodie Good Times’ LP on Shama/P-Vine 9009 from 1979. This is a monster previously unissued late 60’s Crossover dancer which uses the same backing track as ‘Nate Evans – Mainsqueeze – Twinight’. This is better I reckon! It’s interesting to note that the female vocalist on here is Syl’s ex-wife, Barbara Thompson, who went on to be Chief of Police in Chicago!

All I need is someone like you



G2K 45-145b                       LOVELITES – I’m not like the others (UNRELEASED)

Light and lovely femme Chicago crossover which was previously unissued and from the same sessions as their rare late 60’s LP ‘With love from the Lovelites’ on UNI. The track was included in the CD reissue of the LP some years ago but this is the first ever release on 45!

I’m not like the others





G2K 45-146a                       THE VINES – After the rain (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-146b                       THE VINES – So it be (UNRELEASED)

Two previously unreleased femme 60’s Northern Soul dancers! ‘After the rain’ sounds like it uses the same backing track as Minnie Jones’ Shadow of a memory? Whilst ‘So it be’ is more of a mid tempo dancer!


After the rain

So it be



G2K 45-147a                       JOHNNY MOORE – Yesterday today and tomorrow (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-147b                       JOHNNY MOORE – Come Fly With Me (UNRELEASED)

‘Yesterday today and tomorrow’ became widely known in the 80’s and 90’s through Richard Searling who played it for many years from the original acetate. It eventually saw a release on 45 in 2004. Sounding like a perfect mixture of  L. J. Reynolds’ ‘Key to the world’ AND Al James’ ‘Give it up turn it loose’ this is another one that could do with playing again. Beautiful record! ‘Come Fly With Me’ is a rather good 70’s dancer but pales against the wonderful top side!

Yesterday today

Come Fly With Me



G2K 45-150a                       EDDIE HOLMAN – She’s wanted (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-150b                       M. R. S. BAND – Sunset on Ridge (UNRELEASED)

This is Eddie’s unreleased version of the Larry Clinton Northern Soul monster rarity ‘She’s wanted in Three States’. I believe it is the original demo of the song too?

She’s wanted

Sunset on Ridge



G2K 45-151a            JERRY WILLIAMS – When You Move, You Lose (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-151b            JERRY WILLIAMS – That’s The Groove (UNRELEASED)

Unissued mid 60’s Northern Soul dancer from this legendary artist with the instrumental version on the B side. The track came about when Jerry Williams sent a tape to Garry after dealing with him on the release of the Ruby Andrews’ CD of her Zodiac sides (JW had recently acquired the rights to Zodiac)

When You Move

That\’s The Groove


G2K 45-152ba         DOTTIE PEARSON – A House Made Of Love (UNRELEASED)
G2K 45-152ab         DOTTIE PEARSON – Bring It Over Baby (UNRELEASED)

Two tracks from a superb unissued mid 70’s album that was finally given a CD release on Grapevine 2000. ‘Bring It Over Baby’ is a total classic in every sense. Released in 2004, this must be Grapevine 2000’s finest hour? Still played regularly up and down the country at all the best 70’s venues and adds a touch of class to any set – simply stunning mid-tempo Soul Music. ‘A House Made Of Love’ was the one the G2K boys went with at the time and is so damn good that it sits just as well on a Northern Soul dance floor as that of a 70’s Crossover persuasion. Brilliant double-sider! I think we should all be grateful to John Anderson for the day he visited Wayne Jernigan in Charlotte, North Carolina and came out with Dottie’s unissued album!


A House Made Of Love

Bring It Over Baby



G2K 45-153a                       ANITA ROBBINS – I can stand a little bit more (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-153b                       CHUCK BROOKS – Last minute plans (UNRELEASED)

‘I can stand a little bit more’ is a storming early 70’s unreleased Northern Soul dancer out of the Malaco set up. Great track! Anita also recorded as Anita Mitchell in the 1970’s. ‘Last minute plans’ is another unreleased Malaco track from 1999 (but sounds much earlier!) and was originally included on their fabulous CD ‘America’s Most Wanted’ then leaked out onto 45 a few months later. I still believe this is largely unknown and is a beautiful mid tempo soulful swayer. Maybe more for an early doors set but it could get some serious head-nodding action should it be dropped later in a set! Chuck Brooks apparently wrote the song with Johnnie Taylor in mind but unfortunately Johnnie died soon after, so had he lived he may well have done so? By the way, the ‘Malaco inspired’ set of America’s Most Wanted CD’s are another of the Grapevine 2000 highlights!

I can stand a little

Last minute plans



G2K 45-155a                       BARONS OF SOUL – You Need Love (UNRELEASED)

Top quality unissued 60’s Northern Soul monster dancer! Cut from an original acetate and now exists as a UK Demo ONLY as the official release was pulled at the last minute as the guys couldn’t enhance the sound quality to their exacting standards. The sound quality doesn’t sound too bad to me to be honest and the quality of the tune itself makes owning this 45 more than worthwhile! This will become a highly sought after 45 in the future as DJ’s realise it’s potential.

You Need Love

to be continued…

Los reyes se ponen en movimiento.

No sé muy bien en que berenjenal me voy a meter esta vez, en cualquier caso ya me lo aclarais vosotros, lo que sé es que tras ver en directo a Kings Go Forth mi memoria, no tengo mucha y el presense se han cruzado o encontrado cerca de Milwaukee.

En un “soul mundo” justo y coherente “Relax & Love”, hablo de la canción aunque podría tratarse del álbum, (Glen Anthony Henry , Relax & Love) se habría convertido en un hit instantáneo, se debería haber introducido en la vida de cada uno de los que escuchan música negra como la banda sonora perfecta.

Al esperar estas semanas el concierto de K.G.F., el de Valencia del pasado día 5 fue el primero de su primera visita a Europa y el que abre su gira, me vino a la memoria Milwaukee.

Nunca he estado allí pero si muy cerca en varias ocasiones, la ciudad de Wisconsin está a menos dos horas de Chicago y en las veces que visité en tiempos de conquista con mi armadura de boina y chirukas la ciudad del viento, todo sospechoso y raro con el que hablaba (todos me parecían sospechosos y raros), me decía ves a Milwaukee, y claro no fui.

Quizás de haber ido habría entrado en la tienda en la que trabajaba Andy Noble, cuando su grupo era un embrión o ni siquiera se había gestado, posiblemente me habría vendido una copia de Step by Step del “I always wanted to be in the band”, a lo mejor le gustaba y pensaba que un día el también estaría en ese tipo de banda, claro Step by Step también eran de Milwaukee, y eran muchos, más de 10 y su album es una pequeña joya del catálogo de Brunswick con una declaración de principios en su título y varios temas de nivelón. Lo redondo sería que esa misma copia, cayera en manos de un joven cliente en Valencia y ayudase a cerrar un círculo de respeto y pasión por el soul.

Casi treinta y cinco años después el disco “The outsiders are back” el primero de KGF me hace ver que poco tiempo ha pasado realmente en la cabeza de un músico como Andy Noble o de Glen Anthony,  por no citar a muchos otros y cercanos, y la de aquellos auténticos precursores, que a su vez tuvieron los suyos veinte años antes. Hablan de lo mismo con la respetuosa sencillez de las cosas pequeñas, del amor, de la injustica social o del llegar a ser antes que tener. No existe el tiempo en nuestra música, sólo la falta del mismo para saber entenderla y poder apreciarla. Y es por ello que quiero pensar que mucho de lo actual, lo relacionado con el soul, el que le guste a cada cual, se podría valorar de verdad en su justa medida, siempre se habla de retro, de moda de recreación de tal y cual, en el soul o en el blues el estado de ánimo a veces es lo que cuenta y es tu estado de ahora no el de hace treinta y cinco años. No esperemos a que pasen otros veinte para hablar de pequeñas obras maestras y arriesguémonos un poco de vez en cuando, sin riesgo todo es aburrido.

Por cierto alguien podría currarse un artículo para el blog con cosas de ahora interesantes, las hay a montón.
KGF están de gira, hay que ir a verlos, los directos no son precisamente lo que atrapa a un soulie, eso lo sé porque conozco a algunos amigos que piensan así. Pero todo el esfuerzo de una banda para llegar a esa actuación ya es motivo para acercarse, cuanto habríamos pagado por ver en directo a Step by Step, os imaginais en directo a Hamilton Movement o A Round Robin Monopoly, pues entre los pocos que quedan y los nuevos que llegan la llama sigue encendida, hay que conservarla ardiendo y quemarse de vez en cuando.

El directo de KGF de la pasada noche fue un viaje con mucho respeto y soltura desde el legado a Curtis y el mejor soul 60/70s, sun canciones son maravillosas y su actitud imparable. Los reyes se ponen en movimiento.

Lee Fields no es el mejor cantante del mundo pero escucha My World y te darás cuenta de lo afortunados que somos de tener esa obra maestra en nuestras manos hoy en día, se trata sencillamente de ir poco a poco.

Relax & Love
Koala lento.

KGF en Logroño....cortesía de Luís Solsona

GRAPEVINE 2000 Label Pt.1 …. by Steve Plumb

Corner Soul Crew  are truly thankful Steve Plumb for his great article and  we want  strongly recommend his site if you want to buy good records…





After being invited to do an article for the Corner Soul Crew, I spoke to Josep, who was looking to document all the previously unissued tracks that saw a 45 release on the Grapevine 2000 label. So I thought ‘why not kill two birds with one stone’ and make my first article about those previously unissued tracks!

I’m going to concentrate on the previously unissued tracks PLUS the tracks that had never previously appeared on 45 until they were issued by Grapevine 2000. I’ll finish with a full label listing of all sixty three 45’s including various bits of information for each release (e.g. original label & label number etc)

The SIXTY THREE 45’s released by the label between the years 2000 to 2006 are of such a consistently high quality that it’s collectability as a label in the future is virtually guaranteed! A large percentage of the releases featured previously unissued Northern Soul/70’s Soul/Crossover dancers from the 60’s & 70’s PLUS album tracks that were released for the first time ever on 45 PLUS US Northern Soul/70’s Soul/Crossover 45’s released in the UK for the first time! In fact a large number of ‘Holy Grail’ 45’s were included in the release schedule over the 6 years of the labels existence! For the majority of the world’s Northern Soul/70’s Soul/Crossover Soul collectors, the Grapevine 2000 45 will often be the only way to legally own that particular track on a 45! The label is now sadly defunct and the availability of each release will decrease as time goes by.

Before we get into the previously unissued tracks I think it’s important to talk about the type of 45’s Grapevine 2000 issued! Like many labels they made Test Pressings, DJ copies and normal Issue copies.

Test pressings


Test Pressings exist for the first 13 releases (#100 to #112) and for some unknown reason #153? Releases #100 to #104 are blank/white labels whilst #105 to #112 (& #153) have custom made printed  labels (see scan). Some of these exist as blank labels too!

Only 20 copies of each Test Pressing was made.

DJ copies

DJ copies exist for ALL 63 releases.

#100 to #104 are White Demos with a Black ‘A’ on both sides & a pale Green ‘boxed’ logo (see scans)

#105 to #162 are White Demos with a Red/White logo.

There are three design variations of the Red & White DJ Copies (see scans

Red ‘A’ on both sides (#105 to #148 & #155 to #157)

NO Red ‘A’ on either side (#149 to #154)

Red ‘A’ on one side only (#158 to #162)

Only 50 copies of each Demo/DJ copy was made.

Issue copies

Issue copies exist for 61 of the 63 releases
#132 & #155 are DJ copies only as their release was cancelled! No issue copies exist!
#100 to #104 have a solid ‘pale’ green label with black text logo & #105 to #162 have a solid yellow label with a red/white logo (see scans)

Only 500 copies of each Issue was made.

The label did issue some ‘custom made’ acetates and CD-R’s for some of the top DJ’s and in fact some DJ’s actually cut carvers from the CD-R’s for their own use!

Previously unissued tracks plus tracks appearing on 45 for the first time

As promised, here’s the main reason for the article! I hope it will give collectors (& DJ’s) a chance to see which tracks were previously unissued PLUS it’s also a chance to see which LP only (and CD only!) tracks gained a 45 release for the very first time too!

I’ll give some basic info for each track followed by a brief description of the track from my point of view! Where I have been given a few extra facts about a particular track (from insiders at Grapevine 2000) I’ll throw those in for good measure too!

There will be a URL after each description to allow you to listen to each track PLUS a scan of each label too!

G2K 45-102b RON HENDERSON & CHOICE OF COLOR – Love is gone

USA LP track only – 1st time ever on a 45

Taken from their incredibly rare ‘Soul Junction’ LP on Chelsea 542 from 1976. This is a quality mid-tempo 70’s dancer.

Click HERE lo listen

G2K 45-103a            BOBBY WAYNE – Long hard road
G2K 45-103b            BOBBY WAYNE – Do I love you

USA CD only – 1st time ever on a 45

Both tracks taken from his ‘Long hard road’ CD on Bonedog Records from 1999. ‘Do I Love you’ is of course a version of Frank Wilson’s Northern Soul/Motown classic which is set at the same pace and is worth a listen? The real gem however is ‘Long hard road’ which is for lovers of Indie/Southern Soul! It is a tasty mid-tempo mover and is another one that’s well worth a listen!

Long hard road Do I love you

G2K 45-104a                       MAGNETICS – The look on your face (UNRELEASED)

G2K 45-104b                       MAGNETICS – You were made for love (UNRELEASED)

Both sides of this 45 are the same two songs as James Phelps on Apache! Their version of ‘The look on your face’ joins the many great versions that have been played on the Crossover scene over the years. John Anderson received a tape directly from Johnny McKinney in Chicago and gave it to Richard Searling who played it for many years covered up as ‘Wales Wallace’. The B side is an excellent Deep Soul cut too!

The look on your face You were made for love

G2K 45-105b                       TRUE IMAGE – I’m not over you (Extended version)

Extended over in the UK by Paul Mooney and of course exclusive to the UK release.

G2K 45-106a            TAVASCO – Love is trying to get a hold on me (Radio edit)

Edited over in the in the UK by Paul Mooney and of course exclusive to the UK release. It is actually quite useful as the original is a very long record and it’s cut short here and it is quite a good job too! That good they made it the A side!

I’m not over you Love is trying to get a hold on me

G2K 45-113b                       SEX – It’s you, baby it’s you (Extended version)

Extended over in the UK by Paul Mooney and of course exclusive to the UK release.

G2K 45-117b                        SANDRA WRIGHT – A man can’t be a man (without a woman)

UK LP track only – 1st time ever on a 45

Taken from her highly acclaimed and originally unreleased album ‘Wounded Woman’ from 1975 which eventually saw the light of day as an LP (& CD) on Demon in 1985. This is a quality mid-tempo 70’s dancer and yet another fine version of this great song. By the way, if you haven’t got the LP, there are a whole host of brilliant Soul records on there. The Demon LP is tough to find (and the CD even tougher!) BUT it was re-released a couple of years ago by Soulscape Records on CD (SSCD 7007) and is still available.

It’s you, baby it’s you A man can’t be a man

G2K 45-121b                       THE SPRINGERS – I can’t believe (UNRELEASED)

Tucked away on the B side of ‘Nothing’s too good for my baby’ this is an excellent 60’s finger-snapping dancer. Quite sparse but a neat sound nonetheless! The track was supplied to Grapevine from Philadelphia’s Thaddeus Wale, who has now given up the record business and now works for the US Government!

G2K 45-127a C. P. LOVE – Trick Bag (UNRELEASED)

Another great unreleased 60’s Northern Soul/R&B dancer. This is the same song as ‘The Excuses’ rarity on Vivace! One to come back and surprise people in years to come methinks? Garry Cape brought this to the table via his friendship with the producer of the track, Tim Whitsett.

I can\’t believe TrickBag



To be continued..

GreenVillage+Talcum con Miguel Oribe & Herminio

Algo de brotes verdes de verdad para acabar este año y empezar el 2011 como nos merecemos !!